It was there, just inside her peripheral vision.

She turned her head, trying to see it, but it winked out. Frustrated, she also shifted her body, but that did nothing. It was gone.

She looked straight ahead. There it was, right at the edge of her sight, like the dots on a vision test she had failed.

She turned her head fast, but it was gone. She returned her head to a neutral position. It winked back in, a pinprick of light, now inside her field of vision.

Her palms were moist and she rubbed them together. It was just a prick of light, she told herself, no need to be alarmed. It winked in again. It was definitely closer, now in the middle of her eye.

She turned her head infinitesimally.

There it was, a dot of light. Shadows moved within it, like a living thing. She didn’t know why it scared her, but it did. Slowly she moved her head one degree and then another. She froze.

It was coming close. Closer. She blinked. Then it was at the front of her vision, the dot shifting and dancing.

She screamed.

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